Version 20.22.15 (iPad Pro M1 8 Gb RAM)

Knowing the yearly habits of IPACS, the following bugs should not really be patched by this version!

[*] patched with Aerofly FS 4 (or not concerned)

ILS alignement *

Many ILS are not aligned with the runway. Some even drive the plane beside the runway!

Creating flight plan *

When creating a short flight plan, application persists to always use FL320 as cruise altitude.


When programming the flight plan from zero, it sometimes misses some SIDs. The real problem is that it very often misses STARs. Or selecting a STAR selects another one.

Since Aerofly FS 2021

Auto landing lights *

They are switched OFF after takeoff and switched ON under 2,500 ft AGL before landing.

This is quite incorrect: the landing lights are ON on the runway and while under 10,000 ft

Auto cockpit *

It is a cool option but it does not do all things correctly.

The spoilers, they are not disarmed after takeoff, nor armed after gear down and neither disarmed after landing (or when the user sets flaps up).

Descent profile discontinuities

The descent profile is more respected than it was with the previous version. However, there are always jolts by passing some waypoints.

The 2 pink marks in the PFD as speed max and as speed min are not always shown in the managed descent. This state changes while descending.

Often, the pitch is not increased to join the descent profile. As if the speed was priority.

Often, the pitch dives the plane and before reaching the descent profile the pitch descreases and the plan does not reach the descent profile. And dives again as a yoyo effect.

If there is an constraint altitude above a value, you will encounter problems to follow the descent profile.

Since Aerofly FS 2020 & now on Aerofly FS 4

Time skip

There is a lack to skip time to reach 10 NM before top of descent, or reach mid-descent, or at 18,000 ft, for example.

After a skip:

  • The MCDU set pages are no longer the same *
  • FL320 becomes the new cruise altitude *
  • The chrono is not increased
  • The fuel consumption is ignored

Failing STAR or/and SID

It happens very often that the plane misses a curve in SID or STAR *.

While flying a SID the managed speed change between 250 KTS and 300 KTS above 10,000 ft.

Since Aerofly FS 2021

Gap after STAR

In real life, some STAR finish before the approach. The pilotes expect for vectors from ATC.

But a cheat or an option that makes the plane flying the gap toward the begining of the approach would be appraciated.

Street lights *

A hack with Android brings gorgeous endless street lights (all San Franscisco Bay, Silicon Valley, all Las Vegas, etc. for examples). So this version was clearly designed with city lights in mind.


Displaying airports & extra towns

The distance to display the 3D buildings is quite shorter than the previous version. They appear at 8 Nm instead of 13 Nm before. So, when you are on finale, the airport is not visible at first, then it appears lately.

With the Aerofly FS 4 September 22′ Update the towns display distance has been reduced to only 15 NM whereas it seemed being endless before 😡🤬

AI traffic

The traffic is only based on west winds whatever your conditions in settings.

Since Aerofly FS 2021

Region manager *

There is no notification about new updates. And you cannot delete regions.

Dead data seem to remain after a region update.

CFM56 Engine sounds

The sound of the engines has been improved a lot. It is so good until N1 50%, then fades to a toy sound and not enough buzzing at full power.

The reverse sound is horrific with a lack of loud woofing virile sound.

GEAR sounds

There is no wind and whistle sounds when the gear is getting down.

There is no impact sound at touchdown.

There is no blam-blam sound when roling on center line.

There is no sound when rolling over center line light spots.


Manual changing the QNH/STD sets the 2 main PFD (and the third as backup). But the second will blink after the transition altitude/level.

Spawn at certain airports *

It is impossible to spawn the A320 at some big airports like Amsterdam, Dubrovnik…

PFD and preselected climb speed

If the acceleration altitude is different from the reduce altitude in MCDU>PERF>TAKEOFF>THR RED/ACC, so LVR CLB will blink over the PRESEL SPEED indicator in the PFD.

Since Aerofly FS 2020

USA taxi lights & tarmac lights *

A very few USA airports have taxi lights & tarmac lights like European airports.

Loss of some cockpit sounds

Changing plane location or doing another flight mutes some sounds of the cockpit. It concerns all versions.

Insisting pressing buttons will restore some, not all. To restore a clean situation you have to kill the application.

Kill the application has to be done between 2 flights.

Since Aerofly FS 2019

Autopilot OFF *

In tilt control mode, the device is not calibrated when autopilot is disconnected. So you are force to quit the session and go back to it to obtain a device calibration.

Since Aerofly FS 2019